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Hosting and Support Services

Our Hosting and Support Services comes with all your needs!
We can register your domains, set them up, host and provide ongoing support to your websites - ensuring they run without a hitch.

End-To-End Smart Application Development

Every idea is a business and every business is exceptionally lucrative. If your idea has not turn into a business or your business is not exceptionally lucrative, we are here to help you.

Our experts provide consultancy services in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Platforms that can help take organnization’s technological roadmap to the next level. Technological prowess is important in today’s hypercompetitive global economy, but if advancements are not undertaken within a framework of strategic planning, your firm will be unlikely to realize the full business potential of new technology.

We have consulted for many private organizations as well as government establishments and we are ready to bring the same dynamism and professionalism into your own business if you let us.

Why SetFron?

Because we care less about your money and more about giving you a better quality experience. We analyse your ideas with you in order to get the best possible result and most importantly,

  1. We turn complicated business concepts into easy-to-understand solutions.
  2. All of our applications are innovative, original, and designed with best minds.
  3. We assure and ensure Quality commitments.
  4. We have repetitive clients, that proves our job.
  5. We have our own Development Team, we don’t outsource.
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24x7 Service Desk

Are you looking to get around the clock remote IT support to monitor your critical systems? Try the SetFron Service Desk, a new offering designed to cater to the unique needs of national and international Nigerian organisations.

SetFron and Choice

Clients and non-clients often ask the question why do we make the choices we make in projects? Simple, because if we don't we can't give clients our best. Some clients come to us with indecision, we help them decide and at the end of the project, they are happy. That's our strength.

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Applications Development

cloud hostingWe build a customize application that suits your business needs and requirements.

Business Marketing

wind energyWith SetFron, you stand a better chance of reaching your target audience.

Mobile Applications

hardwareReach more audience by building mobile apps that tie people to your business.